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Published on: 24 June, 2022

Best Responsive Web Design: JustSimple is one of the first net companies in Malaysia to sign up for the responsive net layout revolution. Responsive layout way your internet site mechanically adjusts to suit the dimensions of some thing window or tool site visitors are using. Responsive layout is suggested by way of means of Google as fine exercise for mobile-optimized websites.

Due to the increase in Internet accessibility, mobile devices are more widely used than desktop computers. Hence, a unified website is needed to better serve mobile users. Responsive web design (RWD) is an approach capable of providing flexibility for a website to manage different screen sizes and resolutions on desktops, tablets, and phones. smart phone. The purpose of this study is to determine the trend of applying RWD method in public universities in Malaysia

What is Responsive Website Design? 

The term Responsive Web Design was first coined by Ethan Marcotte in 2010 and refers to the process of designing a website that provides an optimal and user-friendly experience no matter what device it is viewed from.


Responsive web layout is a technique that indicates that layouts and enhancements should respond to consumer and ambient behavior based primarily on display length, platform, and orientation.

 The exercise includes a mixture of curved grids and layouts, snapshots, and clever use of CSS media queries. As consumers move from their computers to iPads, the web has to mechanically go door-to-door in terms of resolution, image length, and scripting capabilities. In addition, people may need to remember the settings on their device; For example, in case they have a VPN for iOS on their iPad, the site should now no longer be blocking consumer access to the site.

 In other words, it takes a website generation to respond mechanically to consumer preferences. This may remove the need for a distinct layout and optimization chip for every new device on the market.

Layout responsive

 The responsive layout grid adapts from Material Design to display screen length and orientation, ensuring consistency across all layouts.

Responsive layout makes use of a bendy format that adapts to distinctive viewport orientations or sizes, so that you do not have to create a couple of layouts. Google Web Designer gives numerous equipment on the way to construct a responsive layout.

At minimum, your report must have responsive web page dimensions. You also can create a fluid format through defining item sizes and positions with percentages. To customize every detail for distinct viewport sizes or length ranges, use media rules.

Responsive web page dimensions

  • Fluid format
  • Media rules

How to make website responsive CSS?

The full form of CSS is Cascading Style Sheets. with various styles of the web page provided CSS is used to organize the site and make it interesting. When there is no CSS language, it is not a good idea to see websites.

The responsive web layout will automatically resize to fit the unique display dimensions and viewports. 3 What is responsive web design? Responsive web layout is a method of robotic resizing, hiding, shrinking or enlarging a website using HTML and CSS to make it look right on all devices (desktop, tablet and phone): Try it yourself ” Set the viewing area To create a responsive website,

 load the following <meta> tags on all of your internet pages: Example 

<Meta name = “viewport”

 content = “width = device-width, 

primary-scale = 1.0″>

 Try it yourself ” This will set the viewing area of ​​your web page, giving the browser commands to control the length and scaling of the web page.

Then I will create a folder named CSS. I will create a record named style.css inside it.

 I will create a folder referred to as Images. Where we can place the pix that we are able to use on our internet web page.

 Now I will write the primary markup of html web page in index.html. E.g. <! DOCTYPE html>

, head, frame etc. And I will hyperlink the CSS record named style.css with inside the header. We want to do the content material of the index.html begin report

How to make a mobile-friendly website? 

responsive design in CSS via Christopher Heng, With so many people using cell phones to surf the Internet all over the world, an increasing number of website owners are looking for ways in which they can make their websites mobile-friendly. 

This is usually a way to improve their websites for shorter display lengths found on devices, both by presenting a separate web page that can be viewed easily on them, and, most often, by mechanically adapting their web sites by reducing the size of materials and transferring materials. … 

The latter technique, often referred to as “responsive internet design,” is defined in this academic series. Since this tutorial suggests the adjustments you want to make to the low-level code on your websites, you may want to learn a few HTML and CSS. Now you no longer want to be a professional or something like that, however, some know-how is necessary, in any other case, this education may not be clear to you.

 By the way, if you’re here due to the fact that you think this newsletter was set to design a website from scratch, please read How to Create a Website instead. In responsive design, we can give the gift of an equal web page that your audience’s laptop or PC customers will see. Only cascading style sheets, or CSS, may be unique. 

That is, browsers on computers/computer systems will render the web page using one set of CSS instructions, at the same time as those on other mobile phones. Not only does this operating technique now more easily save you the effort of creating a unique set of pages for each type of user, but also the trouble of keeping the two units over the years, and striving to keep them in sync.

How to make a mobile responsive?

Mobile network usage has improved in each of us around the world. Even in our country. NS . One . We see a lot of people using mobile networks. According to one statistic, in 2015, the number of cellular Internet users in the United States will exceed the number of customers using computers using tablets, and more recently, people have started using the Internet on television.

And for these reasons, huge organizations have embarked on a quest to attract customers to their website using any medium that will provide an exceptional experience. 

How can responsive design help us with this? With this, we can create a web page on the Internet, the width of which can increase or decrease depending on the scale of different screens. Responsive layout shows identical content material to the consumer using a flexible grid and chipping style, but presentations by transforming the content material layout to fit the scale of the consumer device.

What is best web responsive design?

Do you understand that best responsive web design (RWD) can load as much as 188% of sales in your company? 

Think Tank Photo branded photographic equipment. Do it yourself. After noticing that their website visitor max had changed to be generated from cell, they implemented RWD with the expectation of changing mobile The result was a shake-up. 96% increase in transactions from smartphone and tablet users Increase site views with the help of 224 . usage

The websites of 20 public universities in Malaysia are evaluated and tested for the use of Viewport Resizer, which is an internet device and is used to check numerous bodily gadgets consisting of desktops, pills and smartphones. 

To confirm the site’s responsiveness, each website is tested on each side for a higher rating score. Based on the survey results, this suggests that 50% of university websites are responsive, 10% are not partially responsive, and 40% are not responsive. The study further suggests that 655% of universities offer cellular applications for unique offerings, and 15% of them force cellular websites instead of responsive websites. 

In short, the RWD method is a powerful strategic opportunity that can effectively and efficiently deliver web content to web clients as 60% of university websites are moving towards responsive websites. However, the alternative 40% of college websites are not entirely RWD based due to a lack of information and research on RWD.

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