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SquadDeck – The ultimate sports team organisation and squad management system. Easily manage your team, coaches, staff, guardians and players, while driving sales to your merchandise store with one intelligent software platform.

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All-In-One Sports Academy Management Software

Our goal is to provide Sports Associations with efficient tools to streamline their daily operations, including program coordination, player registrations, payment processing, team roster management, schedule planning, staff organisation, and field management. By taking care of these administrative tasks, we enable them to focus on the game and their sports events. We are currently establishing a network of Sports organisations and plan to expand our reach globally to assist even more clubs in managing their operations effectively with SquadDeck.

Our Services


Team and Player Management

Effortlessly manage multiple teams and sports in one integrated system. Streamline scheduling, communication, and organization for all your sports teams, making it easier than ever to coordinate and excel across various sports and activities.

Sports Event Management and Scheduling

Elevate your sports event management with our comprehensive scheduling solutions. Coordinate games, practices, events, and staff assignments. Ensure smooth operations, maximize efficiency, and deliver top-notch sporting experiences.

Guardian and Player Management

Effortlessly manage and oversee players and members via our user-friendly registration system. Seamlessly manage numerous players, members, coaches, staff, and guardians across different categories of games on a single platform.

Real Time Communication & Notification System

SquadDeck's real-time communication feature facilitates effective communication between team members and management. Allowing everyone for real-time messaging and all other updates to be sent to specific teams and individuals.

eCommerce with Secure Payment Gateway

Showcase your brand’s sports equipment, like jerseys, joggers, shoes, and other products, with SquadDeck’s dedicated eCommerce platform. Whether you’re selling, SquadDeck offers a reliable, user-friendly, and secure shopping experience.

Android/IOS Supported Smart App

Our innovative app is compatible with Android and iOS devices, ensuring seamless access and functionality for a diverse user base. Access our system anytime from anywhere and enjoy a user-friendly experience from your mobile devices.

Benefits of Sports
Management Software

SquadDeck revolutionizes sports management by offering a comprehensive solution for sports clubs, academies, trainers, coaches, and their members. With a dedicated focus on minimizing paperwork, the app streamlines administrative tasks, allowing organizations to efficiently manage their daily activities. The user-friendly interface ensures seamless navigation for coaches, administrators, and athletes, fostering effective communication and collaboration. By centralizing information, SquadDeck connects everyone involved, enabling easy access to data, schedules, and updates.

Coaches benefit from tools that enhance their ability to instruct and manage teams, optimizing training sessions and player performance tracking. Athletes, in turn, experience improved development and success with features supporting individual goal-setting and progress monitoring. In essence, SquadDeck not only saves time and resources but also elevates the overall youth sports experience, aligning with its commitment to providing smart solutions for the betterment of sports organizations and their members.

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Payments Processed


Payments Processed


Payments Processed


Payments Processed

What Our Clients Say

Jon Clark

Director of Boards

Best online booking system for my Business. It has some great features along with appointment scheduling, live chat, and call, Managing Clients. This system is really very helpful and time-saving.

Barbara Williams

Owner, Spa and Hair Salon

Finally, I found an amazing online booking system for my Spa and Salon Business. Thanks to "MIYN" for making such a simple yet unbelievable and effective organized app.

How Sports Academy Management Software can Help Your Business

Sports Academy Management Software, exemplified by SquadDeck, proves instrumental in elevating your business operations. By automating administrative tasks and reducing paperwork, the software saves time and minimizes errors, ensuring streamlined operations. With centralized data storage, vital information on scheduling, player records, and finances becomes easily accessible, enhancing overall efficiency. Coaches benefit from specialized tools for planning, managing training sessions, and analyzing player performance, contributing to athlete development and success.

The software also fosters a connected community, providing a platform for members to stay updated on schedules and events, thereby strengthening engagement. In essence, Sports Academy Management Software is a strategic investment that not only optimizes processes and communication but also contributes significantly to the positive growth and reputation of your sports academy business.

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