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Lead Generation, Appointment Booking, CRM, Landing Page, Chat with Customers, Client Portal All in one Solutions in a Finger trip.


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All-In-One Appointment Software

Comprehensive solution: One platform for lead generation, appointment booking, CRM, landing pages, real-time chat, and client portals, streamlining business processes and enhancing customer engagement in a user-friendly interface.

Our Services

Custom Booking Page

Modern website users want Instant Gratification. If they’re looking for an Appointment, they want to Book the Appointment. There and then. Give them what they want.

Time Zone Conflicts Fully Solved

Everyone’s busy. Why spend time Checking Schedules or bouncing Messages back and forth to agree on a time? Set Schedules and confirm Appointments Instantly, from any Location.

Notifications, Reminders & SMS

Focus on what you do best. Help Customers to buy. With improved onboarding, you can spend less Time on detail, and more time on big picture thinking.

Appointment Booking

Effortlessly secure customer appointments with a single click using our streamlined Appointment Booking feature for ultimate convenience and efficiency.


Centralize client communication in one place with our CRM: streamline emails, chat, and calls for efficient client management.

Landing Page

MIYN offers dynamic, custom landing pages to enhance online presence, attracting and engaging potential clients with visually appealing designs.

Benefits of Online Appointment

MIYN APP revolutionizes business operations by providing an all-encompassing solution in the palm of your hand. With a user-friendly interface, this application seamlessly integrates lead generation, appointment booking, CRM, landing page creation, and client communication into one robust platform. Through MIYN APP, businesses can effortlessly identify and capture potential leads, streamline appointment scheduling, and effectively manage customer relationships using its integrated CRM tools.

The platform’s capability to craft visually appealing landing pages enhances the online presence of businesses, ultimately driving higher conversion rates. Real-time chat support ensures immediate customer assistance, fostering trust and engagement. MIYN APP’s secure client portal adds transparency, allowing customers to access pertinent information and updates. This cost-effective solution eliminates the need for multiple tools, simplifying the management process and contributing to overall business success. Embrace MIYN APP for a comprehensive and efficient approach to lead management, client communication, and business optimization.

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What Our Clients Say

Jon Clark

Director of Boards

Best online booking system for my Business. It has some great features along with appointment scheduling, live chat, and call, Managing Clients. This system is really very helpful and time-saving.

Barbara Williams

Owner, Spa and Hair Salon

Finally, I found an amazing online booking system for my Spa and Salon Business. Thanks to "MIYN" for making such a simple yet unbelievable and effective organized app.

How MIYN Booking Software can Help Your Business

MIYN Booking Software revolutionizes business operations with its user-friendly interface, streamlining appointment scheduling and saving time for businesses and clients alike. The integrated lead generation feature provides insights into user behavior, facilitating targeted marketing strategies for improved conversion rates and customer loyalty. The robust CRM system ensures effective customer relationship management, fostering personalized communication and stronger connections. Additionally, MIYN enhances online presence by creating professional landing pages, attracting potential clients and boosting conversion rates.

The real-time chat support and secure client portal further strengthen customer engagement, offering instant assistance and transparent communication. By consolidating various business functions into one comprehensive solution, MIYN Booking Software proves to be a cost-effective and efficient tool, streamlining operations for unprecedented success. Embrace the convenience and effectiveness of MIYN to optimize your business processes and enhance overall efficiency.

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